On this page we include stories about the faculty members who made a contribution to the school and a positive effect or impression on the students. Please send your stories to dtaylor@bcps.org.

Faculty Legends

Who are the longest-serving teachers here?

Currently, the longest serving is technology education teacher and department chaiman Ed Baldwin, who has been teaching at the school for 33 years, having arrived in 1983.

Here are some of the faculty and staff with the most longevity at SPHS. For now they are listed alphabetically. Research is in progress at this time to determine the exact number of years for each teacher, so we will soon update this list with a ranking according to years served at SPHS.

Baldwin, Ed
Barron, Robert
Biniek, Irene
Britvch, Joseph
Brubaker, Donald
Day, Linda
Demback, Charles
Diven, Joyce
Edwards, Hoyle
Hafer, Jim
Janssen, Debbie (Nowicki)
Krug, Elsie
Lancaster, Linda
LaPasha, Constantine
Lingner, Russ
Mares, Herman
Miller, Joe
Moon, Mitchell
Runyan, Sandy
Scott, Bessie
Thomas, Debbie
Vickery, Duke
Walls, Terri
Woll, James
Youmans, Sharon
During the Centennial year, two seniors, Erika Gunzelman and Julia Brown, wrote the following article about the several teachers on the faculty at the time who had long tenures at SPHS.

Faculty Tributes to SPHS

Ray Suarez, a social studies teacher who went on to be the teachers association president, recalls the SPHS community with fondness.

Tributes to teachers

Crystal Wise, Class of '88, attributes her success to the influence of her journalism teacher, Debbie Janssen.

Phil Taylor, Class of '85, gives credit to Music Director Frank Hubbard for his advancement in music.

Bruce Hall recalls an impactful lesson by Science Teacher Elmer Cook in 1971.

Faculty Alumni--Just Can't Seem to Leave

Who graduated from SPHS and made their way back as educators here?

Currently, we have Irene Kirkpatrick, Charlie Wolinski, Daryl Wolinski, Laura (Zulke) Auffarth and myself (Dave Taylor).
In the past Elmer Cook, Harry Schriver, Win Leitzer, Pauline Kalwa, Diane Burkey-Gaff, Debbie (Nowicki) Janssen, Kathy Luby, Darlene Prassinas, Laura Ray and Tom Welzenbach have taught here.

Department Chairmen Dynasties

Who were the department chairmen for the various departments throughout the school's history?

Here is a list of many of the department chairmen who have shaped the instructional program here since the 1970s. If you have something to add, please contact dtaylor@bcps.org.