General Histories of Sparrows Point High School

This section of the wiki contains a collection of photos, articles and timelines about the school's history.

A timeline of the history of the school, prepared largely by Elmer Hall.

A more detailed history in narrative prose form by Elmer Hall.

A biographical article on the founder of Sparrows Point's schools--Rufus Kidder Wood.

Gallery of Photos of the Various Sparrows Point School Buildings

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The first school building for the town of Sparrows Point, an elementary school, is situated on the campus with

the Manual Training School. The elementary school building is the one with the double-gabled front entrance

on the left in the background.


The first Sparrows Point High School shown above is seen again here in its next life as a commercial property,
specifically a drugstore.

As the high school population increased, the school was eventually housed in this larger building, which had been the

elementary school.



The next facility was a Gothic style edifice that was designed and built in 1921 specifically for high school students.


The next photo shows the 1921 building with the wing added in 1934.


Below, a crowd gathers for the laying of the cornerstone of the 1921 building.


Below is another photo of the impressive facade of the 1921 school.


Next is a closer view of the distinctively Gothic main entrance to the 1921 school.


Not until 1965-1966 school year was Sparrows Point High School racially integrated. Up to that time, African American students
living within the school district attended the George Bragg School pictured below.

George Bragg School.jpg

By the 1950s, Bethlehem Steel was seeking to expand the plant and needed the land it had previously allotted for the school
building and campus. To satisfy the community, a new, larger building was contructed just outside of the mill town of Sparrows
Point in 1956. Below is a series of photos showing the construction of the 1956 school on North Point Road in Edgemere.